Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

NEWS: Deborah has just completed a workshop of her new musical “Island in the Storm”. An Alexander Technique  workshop is planned for May 27– Jun 3  2023 Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Performer . Teacher . Writer . Truth-Seeker

A native New Yorker, I’ve traveled the world at times searching for home, at times curious and hungry for magic. The magic I find in haunting melodies, syncopated rhythms and lyrics that touch and trigger the unused and hidden. That I love to dance – Argentine Tango, Salsa, Kizomba, Flamenco and Folk dance – these exotic rhythms and melodies have inspired my music.


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Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique has many applications. I often combine this deep release work helping singers, dancers, actors and instrumentalists (beginners to professionals) improve their playing and performance. By overcoming harmful tensions and habits of use which interfere with the making and projecting of full and beautiful expression, and with deep listening, I help students discover what they truly want and what is holding them back. Both in their creative work and in all aspects of life.

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A recovering perfectionist who suffered debilitating anxiety, it took years to let the angel of song sing through me and feel the raw pleasure of music. I share that joy in my concerts and try to inspire people to embrace who they are. 

“This versatile singer-songwriter who plays guitar, piano and percussion, sings with a depth of spirit, longing and humor. She has the great gift of making each and every audience member believe she’s singing just for them. She presents her remarkable range of songs with effortless gusto and feel.”

(Rob Paterson, Festival organizer, Glasgow Scotland)

“You can call her voice smoky, an overused adjective perhaps yet it makes sense if you think of Deborah as a sort of Folk-Torch singer who has held the fire so close to the ceiling that the flame has left vivid dark marks!”

(Weekend Time-Out, Boston, MA)

“With Beneath Her Moon, released under the TOCA label, Deborah has made a wonderful album with an international musical attitude. Dark and melancholic yet articulation an intense love of life, with great musicians supporting these beautiful songs, here is a musician at work who with her ability, profound lyrics and expressiveness, should belong to the great singers of the century.”

(Carina Prange – Jazz Dimensions, Germany)

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

Deborah travels and connects with people all over the world through her work as performer, writer, dancer and truth-seeker.