It’s so Easy – 2021

It’s so Easy: All you need is a pandemic to forbid you doing your normal work that you finally have time to see who your husband really is, and that you love him––enough.

It’s so Easy: After years of therapy and 12-step meetings, of kicking and screaming and wishing and wanting, thinking your biggest fear is that you are inherently unlovable when it’s been you all along unwilling to love yourself. And you don’t have to love yourself entirely. A little goes a long way.

It’s so Easy: It only takes years of practicing Alexander Technique to understand it’s not the goal but the getting there. To become more aware, more observant, more grateful and alive in the moment is the prize. That the longing for home can keep you from realizing that you are already home, home in yourself.

It’s so Easy: It only takes a heap of miserable relationships, years of banging your head against the wall, begging the wall to love you, to discover the wall will never be anything more than a wall. That the patterns of your childhood no longer keep you safe, that they probably never did, and that finding people to confirm your worth is futile. 

It’s so Easy: All you need is trust. You finally understand you’ve never ever trusted, that your parents never trusted and neither did your grandparents. Who should you have learned this from?

It’s so Easy: All it takes is years of singing, of trying to find beauty in your voice when the beauty is found while communicating with an open heart. The heart has a hard time opening when it’s being judged.

It’s so Easy: To feel happiness if you are wise enough to know it will fall away then come again. 

It’s so Easy: You don’t need to endlessly prove your worth to walk amongst the tribe. We all have a place on the journey.

It’s so Easy: If you don’t try to be chosen or special. To give love and attention to another, to be of service with a twinkle in your eyes, is more than enough.