When We Dare to Do What Terrifies Us

Something is gnawing at us, something we’d love to embrace, to do, to try, and yet we put it off. Day after day, we put it off, thinking tomorrow would be easier. Tomorrow, I won’t feel as unsettled or ashamed as today. Then finally tomorrow appears as the day to step into this frightening activity. It can either be a complete disaster and why our nervous system protects us from going there in the first place. Or it can be a huge surprise and blessing. 

If you’re anything like me, failure can seem more comforting than taking steps toward the new, with that old voice of Why bother? The desire to step into unknown and unused parts like starting to sing, writing a song or a blog, and telling your boss (or a friend) how you truly feel can seem too vulnerable and dangerous. But remember, it’s just a feeling, a feeling that’s trying to keep you safe. Getting started is the hardest. Once you begin, even with tiny steps, magic happens and providence––like the marvelous poem of Goethe––swoops in with support.

I think of a recent event and the steps I took that first were very frightening and then hugely rewarding. After a hard experience at a writing workshop this past summer, I hesitated to join another such event. And yet my work had been stuck for months. A writing friend strongly recommended this event and I signed up. The day before the event, I was a nervous wreck. Yet once it began, and I realized this was a group dedicated to learning, not shaming, boy, was I relieved. The writing blocked in me for months, began to flow. 

Emerging from your comfort zone and into the vulnerable unknown becomes easier when you’re curious. When you refrain from judging and make it a practice, a daily practice. Perhaps you’d like support in going forward on your journey. Contact me for a free trial session.