Alexander Technique

For more than 31 years Deborah has taught how to improve one’s breath awareness and support; vocal techniques based on Bel Canto traditions, applicable for all styles; how to express and project honest emotions in a manner unique to each individual, thus creating and allowing full freedom of the student’s natural voice, in the interpretation of her/his repertoire.

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The Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a wonderful method whose aim is to improve the way we use ourselves, whatever the activity. During an Alexander lesson, the student learns, with a unique hands-on touch, to un-learn and un-do old habits such as holding the breath, or having too much muscle tension. In the process of awakening, body parts suddenly become light and easily balanced in relation to each other, creating a flexibility and comfort that feels paradoxically unusual yet more natural at the same time. This Technique enhances self-confidence and helps remove aspects of performance anxiety. It is a marvelous tool, not only for the arts, but for general well-being and health.

Improving Rhythm

Have discovered an opening into one’s basic rhythm and groove. Great for dancers and performers.

Dynamics of a Lesson

Deborah often does Alexander work in combination with singing, dancing and acting. She also works with instrumentalists who wish to improve their playing by overcoming various limiting habits of use such as faulty coordination or negative thought patterns which interfere with the making and projecting of a full and beautiful sound.

The Alexander Technique is a well-proven method to transform excessive tension into useful energy and improve the way we use our talents and resources. It has helped thousands of people find greater freedom and ease in speaking, singing, moving, breathing, playing an instrument or even sitting at the computer. 

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1988. She holds a university degree in Music and Theatre from NYU. Trained with Lee Strasberg in New York.

Alexander Technique

Working with Deborah

“It was an amazing experience working with Deborah and just the step I needed to go further in my life: To decompress more, to let go more, to show more of me, I discovered my power and will continue now to discover how to be in the world with less effort, yet with pleasure! I learned about how fear is working in our systems and how to manage it to turn it around. All with acceptance and no judgment.”
Kate, Orval, Belgium

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

Deborah travels and connects with people all over the world through her work as performer, writer, dancer and truth-seeker.