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A Sound & Movement  workshop is planned for October in Oslo, November in New York, and January and February in Costa Rica. Contact Deborah for details.

Ongoing Online Workshops Contact Deborah for details

“Deborah takes her students on a journey into themselves. Her dance expresses all facets of human life with ease and a unique natural expression, touching every heart. And our journey was accompanied by magical music.” Hans-Peter Segl (student from workshop in Corfu)

Finding Ease in Movement, Sound and Breath

Discover the intuition of your body and mind with the Alexander Technique

Class with Deborah
Workshop Costa Rica

Perhaps you wish to sing or dance or speak or move with more ease, perhaps you feel you are holding back in your passions? This class will help shine a new light of awareness on what may be stopping you. In a relaxed, non-judgmental yet stimulating atmosphere we will deepen our understanding on how we use ourselves and how to find more ease in whatever we are engaged in. And with gentle guidance, we will explore our unique and expansive potential. 

As we move away from our habits of ‘doing’ and critical thoughts and move more into ‘being,’ we experience the natural wisdom of our bodies and come closer to our full authentic self. What makes us feel foolish can also be a hidden treasure of creativity. We might surprise ourselves as we challenge our habits with fresh curiosity and wonder and learn to redirect the energy of our resistance so we can become more present and alive. 

You will leave this workshop with new inspiration and with tools of how to practice and play the instrument of your being.

Discover who you are now in your life, and what brings deeper meaning.

The Alexander Technique is a well-proven method to transform excessive tension into useful energy and improve the way we use our talents and resources. It has helped thousands of people find greater freedom and ease in speaking, singing, moving, breathing, playing an instrument or even sitting at the computer. 

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

I teach both live and online. Contact me for a free introductory session for Voice, Breath, Alexander Technique or coaching in healthy creative living.