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Pandora Learns to Sing delivers insights about love, family life and creativity and what it takes to have a ‘quantum leap’ in perception.This true story flings open the scary little box called the self so we may glimpse at the cause (and cure) of anxieties manifested in over-eating, fear of flying, panic at singing or speaking in public and difficult relationships. 


Pandora Learns To Sing: A Journey Toward Wholeness

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Pandora Lears To SingThis true story flings open the scary little box called the self so we may glimpse the cause (and cure) of anxieties manifested in over-eating, fear of flying, panic at singing or speaking in public and difficult relationships. By shining a light into the deep and the dark, we disclose not only a bountiful source of hope but what it truly means to live as a human being rather than a human doing.

About the Author

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman was born in New York City and grew up in a “melting pot” of cultures. She has always been curious about the world, searching for a place in which she really belonged. This search has brought her the experience of living and working in many different countries. In her journey toward wholeness, Deborah has studied singing, composing, music therapy, acting and the Alexander Technique. She specializes in helping others who suffer from paralyzing perfectionism and shame-based beliefs so they too can perform their art. Deborah has touched people around the world with her work as a performer and teacher of voice, expression and the Alexander Technique. Her work has provided a deep and continuous source of insight and inspiration that not only feeds Deborah’s growth as a person, performer and teacher, but also as an artist. Most recently, it has led her to write this book. Deborah’s recordings Beneath Your Moon, Right Here and Touch the Sky are available on iTunes. Pandora Learns to Sing is her first book. She currently lives with her husband in Oslo and Berlin.

“Pandora Learns to Sing is a riveting exploration of one woman’s journey through crisis, a physical journey to Buenos Aires and the world of tango and an emotional journey from breakdown to wholeness. I highly recommend it!”
Eric Maisel, The Van Gogh Blues

“A wonderful thing that rarely happens – I couldn’t put this book down once I had started. It reads like an adventure story of discovering the authentic self, and all the perils and triumphs that journey entails. That the journey is also a geograhical one taking place in many different countries and on three continents, makes it all the more entertaining and exotic. A book full of courage and encouragement for all creative people, and for anyone who knows that the spiritual path is never paved as a straight line. A warm, honest and passionate book.”
Athene, Musician and Writer Berlin

Island in the Storm

a new musical

Island in the Storm

The musical takes place on the island of Matuba. The Matubans have been living there for centuries in a simple traditional way. A group of wealthy immigrants, called Highlanders as they live in the high areas, came only a few generations ago and tricked land and water rights from the the Matubans. Climate change with longer droughts, sealevel rise and more severe storms have further worsened living conditions for the Matubans. Learn More

The Sinking of The Leonardo Da Vinci

a new novel

The new novel: THE SINKING OF THE LEONARDO DA VINCI Sometimes we need to unravel the past to go forward; sometimes we must lose everything to discover what we have.

With its strong sense of place and surprising twists THE SINKING OF THE LEONARDO DA VINCI explores how we too quickly abandon the things we love in order to protect them from the critical eye of the world. On an evocative and unexpected journey in the lush hills of Cinque Terre, Joanna is forced to stop clinging to the illusion that only big love can set her free. That love and belonging can be found in the most unlikely of places. 

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman

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